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Tech Business Venture for real economy growth through decentralisation

Metaglobe is a holding company and startup studio. We help tech companies incorporate, raise money, grow, get more profitable, become leaders, and develop the best exit strategy.
Startup studio for metaverse and tech companies
Omnichannel Crowdfunding Protocol


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Multiple Companies & projects supported… more to come!

$100+ Million potential aggregate asset value

Why Metaglobe: What yOU gET!


Startup or move your business to the best jurisdiction to manage your activities in the best and most profitable way.



Find investors and collect the money you need (FIAT and crypto) for your pre-seed round to create your first MVP, move to the next funding rounds by listing on the most popular equity crowdfunding platforms, become a partner or be acquired by the big technology companies.


Grow your revenue by selling on our online store and listing your products and services on the most popular marketplaces and freelance platforms. Increase your money through investing strategies. Bring your business into the metaverse, etc.


Earn money with staking activities thanks to our governance token.


Ready for a piece of the cake?
You can even take it all. We have a cake for every one of you.
  • Incorporation
  • Funding
  • Growth



Discover our network.

Websites and platforms through which our startup studio supports the activity of all our affiliated businesses.
MetaGlobe Startups Funding Platform
MetaGlobe Store and Marketplace
MetaGlobe Affiliate Program Campaigns
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