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Metaglobe Affiliate Program


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Affiliate programs:

Startups equity crowdfunding, MetaGlobe Store

With MetaGlobe, everyone can earn money.

…Let’s grow together and build a future of passive income and financial freedom

hatever we do, we like sharing our success with you.

Collaborate with us and our current and future startups.

Build infinite universes and worlds of business success.

Our Affiliate Programs

MetaGlobe Store – 3D Avatars
On MetaGlobe Store, our startups are getting ready for the metaverse and upcoming tech and social revolution.
On the platform, users can buy photorealistic custom and AI-generated 3D digital avatars they can use for profiles, animations, games, and the metaverse.
Promote them all and get a commission on every sale.
MetaGlobe Store – Web Scraping
Promote the web scraping services and packages of our affiliate company WebRobot.
WebRobot is a big-data company and is selling modular data extraction subscription services.
Sell once and earn for a lifetime. You earn a commission on every purchase and renewal made through your affiliate link.
Equity Funding Campaigns
Our startups are raising money to move to the next step. Help them spread the word and get your reward.
Invite people to invest in our startups. You will get a percentage when they buy the company shares.

Our affiliate programs have no entry fees or hidden surprises.